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Parents On The Drive is dedicated to supporting local families of all ages and configurations. Focused on East Vancouver BC but providing relevant information for parents anywhere.

Started in 2005 as a Yahoo Newsgroup, Parents On The Drive now has ~700 members and over 9,000 postings on issues related to kids, parenting and the community. 

This website will provide an open online portal to information parents may find useful.

  1. BulletActivities: A monthly calendar of things to do locally with children of all ages

  2. BulletParent-ipedia: Information by parents for parents, recommended businesses and more

  3. BulletHealth: Useful resources compiled by parents on all aspects of health, from a variety of perspectives

  4. BulletEducation: Early childhood development, local schools, adult education & interesting workshops

  5. BulletChildcare: Finding recommended daycare in East Vancouver, starting child-care coops and other resources

  6. BulletBlog: Selected and compiled posts from Parents On The Drive Yahoo Newsgroup

  7. BulletContact Us: Want to share a link or other useful information? Please send it to us!  Email:



  1. Cook in the Hood - Encompassing the full flavour of The Drive, Cook in the Hood contains 25 inspiring recipes with something for everyone

  2. Gentle / Restorative Yoga - Eastside Yoga Studio, 1707 Grant Street Sundays at 3 pm Email Laura for info

  3. Vitamin D in pregnancy and childhood could prevent MS - BBC article

  4. Commercial Drive Events - Check out

News & Events

Parents On The Drive is an online community developed by parents in East Vancouver, British Columbia:

  1. BulletSharing information & ideas

  2. BulletSupporting local families

  3. BulletStrengthening our community